Sustainability of Microfinance Institutions Pincuran Bonjo launched new deposit products, deposit products in question are savings of members or the general public to collect / pick up again the rice fields, land that tergadaikan to others with the product name “SIPANDAI”. This savings product launch will be followed by the opening of lending / special financing to members to make up for wetland / land the mortgagor, where the Sustainability of Microfinance Institutions will make up for wetland / land spout, then a member menggansur money that has been used to redeem the Financial Institutions Agribusiness Micro. With this product launch is expected that all land / rice fields that had been pawned can go back to the owner of the land (especially land members) in an installment that is not so burdensome to the members., Land / rice fields can then be used to try to farm owners

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